Dalal Abu Amneh, a Palestinian singer and neuroscientist from Nazareth, became professional at the age of 16, she is known of her well performance of the Tarab songs, Well respected musicians in the Arab world have praised and admired the beauty of her voice, which in their opinion integrates between the elegance and warmness of Fairouz voice and the strength of Umm Kulthum’s voice.

Dalal is committed to achieving humanitarian goals through her art. She draws from the rich culture of Palestine, her objective is to develop this art and spread the Palestinian culture to the wider world. Dalal is crafting a global Palestinian identity and advocating for the Palestinian cause through her music.

Dalal has Participated in many important international and Arab festivals as Jerash Festival and the Arab Music Festival in the Egyptian Opera House and has represented Palestine in several Arab operettas such as “land of the prophets 2012”, “Freedom call 2014 ” also she’s permanently involved in manylocal and International cultural events.

In addition to her participation with her own band, Dalal is the lead singer in the international orchestra MESTO where she performs Arab and Palestinian folk, accompanied by Western musicians and orchestralarrangement.

Dalal has released many single songs which had a wide reputation in Palestine, including “anaAlbi w rohi 2001” , “BukraJdeed 2003″ Khalini fi balak 2003” , “raghemelisar 2010”, also she hasreleasedreleased two album entitled: “Kareem ya Ramadan 2007” and recently “Baladi 2013” which talks about Palestine in its several aspects and in avarious lyric, though while maintaining the spirit of authentic Tarab, she renews it with the contemporary dynamic of our younger generation.

A surprise to many of her fans, besides music and singing, Dalal is now studying for a PhD in neuroscience in the Faculty of Medicine of the Technical Institute in Haifa.