Dalal Abu has released the music video for her song “Beredak”.

Dalal has released  (Beredak) video art,  The song “Beredak” was originally released by Umm Kulthum who was a famous Egyptian singer and widely regarded as the greatest Arabic singer of the 20th century.

Dalal has performed this  song which was written by Beram Al Tunsi and composed by Zakaria Ahmed  in a modern copy, The artist Karem Matar has oversaw the distribution of the new song .where integrated two contradictory musical colors, the old Arab tarab, including its content of high lyrical technique and voice emotions and, by contrast Western electronic music including Provisions of non-human mechanisms reflect our world which is full of technology and robotics, as reflected in the art video of the song, which showed the Arab originality but in a modern spirit.

The song was filmed in a modern and advanced technology, based on the use Avatar in portraying reality, where Dalal appears in two contradictory looks, reflected what we experience in our lives between war and peace, sadness and joy, despair and hope, sometimes dressed in black, sadness and circumvents around the desert and black roses, and sometimes dressed up as a white looks  bride cheerfully walking on the  water.

The video scenes  were filmed in the cities of Haifa and Jericho in the Dead Sea area, directed by Karem Matar and produced by  Dr.annan Abbasi.

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